Quality Assurance

Uni-Mill Engineering Ltd strive to provide the best quality products and service to every one of our customers ensuring all questions are answered and all customer specifications are met or exceeded. We back up this passion for quality with both AS9100 & ISO 14001 accreditations, the latest quality assurance equipment and a bespoke MRP system to guarantee full traceability throughout all of our processes. To assure customer satisfaction, full First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR) can be supplied to the AS/EN 9102 standard.




Uni-Mill Engineering Ltd invest in the latest quality control equipment to ensure our shop floor can carry out their quality duties to the highest possible standard while also minimising the possibility of human error in the production and patrol process. We also maintain a dedicated gauge room linked to our MRP system ensuring that we control the gauge details, locations, stock and calibration status to give our shop floor staff the confidence that they are using the best equipment for the job.  
Some examples of our inspection equipment can be seen below: 

Vision FALCON HiRes

The vision Falcon is a non-contact measuring solution which offers an automated optical measuring solution. Suitable for components with tighter tolerances that can be measured to ± 4µm in both x and y axis.

Mitutoyo Crysta Apex C

The Mitutoyo Crysta Apex C offers more speed and functionality with equal or better accuracy from a 3D coordinate measuring machine. 

ABERLINK Maxim 500

The ABERLINK Maxim 500 is a contact measuring machine fitted with a Renishaw probe. Equipped with assorted probes it offers fast precision measurement and print outs. 

Other Equipment

In addition to standard Metrology tools, such as Micrometers, Calipers, Plug & Ring, Dial & Bore gauges we have motorised height and surface finish gauges.


Back in 2008 we released the latest version of our bespoke MRP system called NUME. This system originally began as an aid to running material requirements, collecting machine data and planning the shop floor production but with this latest development has rapidly become the backbone of the entire business.

Any process that can be controlled or monitored by an MRP system is now managed by NUME ensuring we maintain maximum traceability for our customers, full accountability and ease of access to data for our employees and visibility in all tasks within the company to maximise efficiency. With this, Uni-Mill have complete control and traceability from customer order through to despatch. 

The system allows access based on credentials and collects user related time stamped data against every action on every batch we produce. With this any customer queries or complaints can be analysed and mitigating actions can be taken in a swift and professional manner to reassure the customer against any future issues.