CNC Turning

Uni-Mill Engineering Ltd has over 40 years of turning experience starting out on conventional lathes and later moving to specialise in Computer Numerical Control (CNC) lathes. Our 27000 Sq ft manufacturing shop-floor has 33 CNC Turning machines with a large range of capabilities allowing us the flexibility to machine anywhere from very small to very large batch sizes at a competitive price. This allows us the ability to be involved in the product life cycle from initial samples through mass production and finally onto the end of life spares production. 

Small - Medium Production

We offer small to medium batch production on conversational Mazak machines where the time to program and set is critical to maintaining a competitive price.

  • 8 x MAZAK Turn/Mill Centres – 3/4 Axis (up to 65mmØ Bar)
  • 5 x MAZAK Turning Centres

Large - Mass Production

We offer large to mass production on offline programmed multi-process machines where the cycle time per component is critical to maintaining a competitive price. 

  • 16 x Sliding Head Auto Turning Centres – 10 Axis (up to 42mmØ Bar)
  • 4 x Multi-turret Turn/Mill Centres – 8 Axis (up to 65mmØ Bar)

All machines are automatically bar loaded up to the maximum diameter possible. If the part diameter is too large, all machines are capable of being chuck loaded. 

CAD/CAM Software

Uni-Mill Engineering Ltd have assembled an extremely skilled workforce over the last 40 years that have taken the company from strength to strength. One of the key areas that has developed with this team is the ability to offline program. Our programmers are able to use a range of software tools to take a customer drawing/model and prepare a machining program without the use of a machining centre. This has greatly improved the efficiency of our shop-floor by minimising machine downtime and increasing our overall shop-floor capacity. This also has a customer benefit in that our prices remain competitive as we are able to reduce our set up costs.    
Some examples of the software tools can be seen below: 

CommonLY USED Materials

(These are examples of commonly used materials and not a limit on our ability to machine other materials.)

Uni-mill Engineering Ltd machine components from a large range of raw materials and have recently expanded it’s dedicated on site storage area to ensure we have secure stocks of commonly used raw materials. This allows customers to take full advantage of our shorter lead times and gives them the peace of mind that in the unlikely event of a break in material availability, we are able to maintain supply for an extended period of time. 
Some commonly used material are shown below: