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Machining Specialists to the Interconnection Industry

We offer over 30yrs of knowledge and expertise as machining specialists to the Interconnection Industry including: Aerospace, Defence, Dental, Medical, Military, Marine, Railroad, Industrial & Automotive - supplying a unique first class ‘one-stop’ service to include the majority of styles of circular and rectangular connectors, backshells, adaptors, conduit & fibre-optic connectors.

This service includes supplying components, manufactured, plated, part-marked and assembled or sub-assembled.

We manufacture using the common industry Raw Materials to include: Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Ni/Al Bronze, Brass, Copper and Composites and offer Surface Finishing to include: Cadmium Drab-Olive, Electroless Nickel, Zinc Cobalt, Zinc Nickel, Gold, Silver & also PTFE coating.

We manufacture Interconnection components used in Airbus Landing Gear Harnesses and for Wing & Fuselage Harnesses, supplied through our Customers.

Airbus Landing Gear Harness
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